Anonymous sent: I slept with ian last night. What are you gonna do about it?

"You’re a fucking liar, get out of here"

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Anonymous sent: You guys are the best in the world!!! Can I get a hug from you two!?!? Pretty please!!???!!!??

"Sure!" the two men held out their arms

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Anonymous sent: You guys are funny!!!

They both beamed and a cheery, simultaneous “Thank you!” rang through the air

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Anonymous sent: Wow, the fans that ask questions sure are pushy with the sex stuff. Sorry about the repressed preteens. D: So on another note, how is/was vidcon?

Anthony frowned and nodded “They are very pushy. Don’t they have fanfiction or whatever it’s called for that sort of thing?” Both men’s faces brightened at the mention of vidcon. “Oh vidcon was amazing! It was so much fun”

"It was one of the best years we’ve had there. Our performance went well, and it was fun to meet everyone that showed up. Definitely looking forward to it next year."

((i didn’t go to vidcon…I don’t like talking about it…I’m sorry ;____;))

donnieismyeverything-deactivate sent: Hey guys. Haven't herd from you two in a while. How have you two been today?

"It has been a while, we’ve been pretty busy. But we’re back for now"

donnieismyeverything-deactivate sent: Hey guys. How was your guys day today?

He shrugged “Pretty good. Filmed some Smosh stuff”

vexiron-deactivated20140222 sent: hAVE GAY SEX NOW RIGHT NOW ON THUS PAGE NOW

The two men looked at each other uneasily, then back at the stranger “Um, yeah, we’re not doing that”

Anonymous sent: *pulls down Ian's pants and boxers and attempts to shove a jug filled with milk inside his asshole* You don't mind, right?

He screamed and fought against the anon “Get away from me!”

Anthony grabbed the anon and pulled him away from Ian “How about you not touch my boyfriend?”


guys I abandoned this blog again i’m so sorry ;___; I’ll get around to the asks on askgaysmosh that are piling up. again, i’m so sorry

smoshyianthonystands-deactivate sent: you can rp them going through the ianthony tag




-facepalms self-


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